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With the latest update to the Windows RT mail app, my Surface is no longer able to sync my Google calendars.MIcrosoft suggests that I switch to Outlook.com, but unfortunately, I rely on a number of shared Google calendars for scheduling (I don't own these calendars, so I can't even "subscribe" to them through outlook.com), so currently doesn't work for my needs.) Only Outlook says that cannot access the location, if we try from the web browser it works just fine!!!! I can remove the from Outlook calendar and import again, then it shows fine, but when comes the time to update it fails (send/receive)...

A copy of this Guide is included into all versions of the Communi Gate Pro software and can be accessed either via your Communi Gate Pro HTTP server, or directly, as HTML files in your Server Web Guide directory. The Communi Gate Pro MAPI Connector can be installed on Microsoft® Windows workstations.

After verifying the firewall settings it was proven that the traffic is being forwarded to the server fine as it should...

(even the loopback policy is using the same link instead of the internal server's IP address!

I wish I knew a better way to title this problem, so if anyone can think of a more appropriate title, please let me know.

I've been banging my head on this problem for a little while, and usually I just work around it, but I felt it was time to ask for some help to get it solved.

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