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And Sheroes happened to me by fluke when I was “googling”. This time with the young start up and young IITians who believed in their dreams – Akosha meaning Powerful and complete.

All positive things around and within inspire me and no wonder my blood group spells the same – B ve.

It’s really tough to make a decision on a visa and mind that it won’t depend on the mood swings of the consular as some of us would like to believe.My roots are deeper in the state of Maharashtra where I grew up exploring the various forts conquered by the great Shivaji Maharaj.Having completed my schooling in a Marathi medium school in a small town called Jalna (where everyone knew everyone), we moved to Hyderabad – place that wakes up at the crack of the dawn.I swear by Ayn Rand’s “The Fountain head”, Paulo Coelho’s “Like the flowing river” and Jack Welch’s “Get better or get beaten” – we all work due to various reasons, reasons such as financial commitment, to make use of time, to learn new things, to keep ourselves updated etc.I seldom get to hear “I work because I want to make a career”.

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