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Kennedy, now 39, won election to the Rhode Island legislature at age 21 and to Congress at age 27.

Patrick Kennedy (born 26 August 1977) is an English actor in over 16 films and television shows.

He made the fateful decision that reduced professional American security personnel assigned to Tripoli from 34 to 6, with tragic consequences for Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods.

mission to Libya’s operations extended to security.

His mother once described a sensitive boy whose childhood asthma kept him out of much of “that rough and tumble with his cousins, especially the Robert Kennedys, with all those horses and dogs.” He grew up in Northern Virginia, in a big house overlooking the Potomac, where his father would one day preside at a fund-raiser to kick off his son’s first congressional campaign.

Growing up, Patrick traveled widely—a trip to China when he was 10, campaign jaunts during his father’s run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1980, the same year his mother disclosed that she was an alcoholic.

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