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He wrote press releases and designed posters, and of course there was the name change: Richard Meyers became Richard Hell, and Tom Miller became Tom Verlaine.

He writes of the joy of those early Television years, the most exciting of his career in music: “it was like having magic powers… Hell and Verlaine’s friendship survived prep school and road trips and shitty jobs, but it would not survive being in a band together.

In the past year Tom has been touring with Patti Smith and playing select shows with Television.In 1979, at age 16, I saw Richard Hell & the Voidoids at CBGB, the first rock show I ever paid for with my own money.I remember being in awe of the venue, of Hell himself, and his guitarist Robert Quine — he of the bald pate and dark sunglasses.Together, these skinny, misfit kids took long road trips together, to Kentucky, Florida, and Alabama, and together they were expelled from school after one of these trips.By 1969, they’d both wound up in New York, best of friends who in some ways didn’t even like each other.

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