Paul ardoin and together dating service

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The first date was with a "gentleman" who was sitting at the bar and already tipsy when I arrived.He had a great deal of difficulty paying attention to me instead of the TV in the bar.His car was so raggedy that he had to slam my do when I got in so I would fall out of the car. There was nothing professional about any of these guys.Both of them said they had just signed up and I was their first introduction.It shot my credit card bills way up and in 2012 after being in denial I knew this was a problem as I had a hard time keeping up with the bills.I contacted a debt counselor who helped me get through my debts and after 27 months I can thankfully say I conquered debt and I am very grateful for it.

They said they were sorry and that they would send me better introduction.

The staff at the Perfect Match promised me the world and better women than the ones I knew connected to the NYC bar/club scene.

Just as everyone else has wrote about on the complaint boards it was the complete opposite.

If there is ever a class action lawsuit please include me.

I go months without hearing from them and no matches.

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