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Like I know people piss down there, it's obvious but I've never seen it, or a flasher, or someone having sex or doing sexual acts.Actually you must take the Q or those irregular ass trains in the dead of night.Cancer cells in the prostate can sometimes travel to the bones and grow there.

Here are some of the tests you may need: PSA blood test: PSA is a substance in the blood that’s made by the prostate gland. Blood tests will be done to see what your PSA level is and how it changes over time.

Ask the doctor what kind of biopsy you need and how it’s done.

Lymph (limf) node biopsy: Lymph nodes are small bean-shaped parts of the immune system.

The prostate is just below the bladder and in front of the rectum.

The tube that carries pee (urine) goes through the prostate. Most prostate cancers are a type called adenocarcinoma (AD-no-KAR-suh-NO-muh). Your doctor can tell you more about the type you have.

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