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The incident i am telling you today is a real one and happened just few days aunties, gals, wann meet me can mail me at my yahoo id [email protected] Ekada nunchi telugu lo cheputuna ok na…..

Aunty was very horney and as she was much taller and stronger than uncle she lifted easily and throw him on the bed and she jumped on top of him, uncle was helpless and unable to move and stopped resisting.After sometime aunt broke the kiss and started removing uncle’s lungi, uncle was not interested and trying to resist, but anuty was not in moode care, she easily seperated uncles’ lungi from his body now uncle was only in baniyan and underwear which bit loose to him, she also removed his baniyan, and started rubbing his bare chest with her hands, sometimes tikling his nipples.Suddenly she stod up and loosened the nighty band, and nighty went down to floor then she came out of nighty, i was shocked as i saw her only in her bra and panty, it was first time for me to watch any women only in her undies and that to my anuty with curvacious body.Without wasting time he confronted aunty and told her that he can satisfy her sex desires if she wanted so.This slutty aunty was always ready for sex and Rajesh was perfect person to have extra marital affair with.

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