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(Bauer Griffin/Getty images)Modern-day Renaissance man James Franco directed a series of short films for Stuart Weitzman starring supermodel Petra Nemcova.The series, Walking After Midnight, consists of four vignettes that follow a confident New York woman (Nemcova) wearing her Weitzman heels from day-to-night.When it comes to showing off beautiful beach bodies, no one source is more iconic than the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.Landing a gig on the cover of this annual publication is one of the pinnacles of modelling success, and has provided many models with an easy transition from modeling to acting and many more careers.Read Full Story Aaron Himelstein and Leighton Meester via Pacific Coast News; Petra Nemcova, Getty; Tony Romo and Candice Crawford via Getty Here's the scoop on the juiciest relationship news in Hollywood this week: Hookups • Emma Watson had an exciting weekend at Coachella.She celebrated her 22nd birthday at the music fest and showed off her new boyfriend, Will Adamowicz.

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This Australian business-woman, model, and actress graced the cover from 1986-1988.Her former fiance, photographer Simon Atlee, was killed in the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.(Nemcova managed to hold onto a palm tree for eight hours until she was rescued -- but was seriously injured.)Since then, Nemcova has had brief...Not only does Czech Republic have an enviable % of extremely beautiful women, but they are educated and have excellent language skills.Czech women are very interested in travel and do so for both education and work, experiences which enable them to familiarise themselves with western cultures and develop their languages.

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