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What Phil Collins pop hit features Islamic chanting?

Phil Collins' third wife Orianne Cevey has revealed how the couple got back together last year, seven years after their £25m divorce, after the singer supported her in the wake of a devastating back injury. I realised I never wanted to be apart from him again.

S., with total record sales of 150 million), the solo superstar and Genesis front man is here to set the record straight with Event about all sorts of rumours and myths surrounding his life – the alleged ‘divorce by fax’, his health problems, writing songs with Adele, his relationship with his children, including the budding film star Lily, the Genesis reunion – and to do it all with a smile.

He might be a millionaire with a fortune estimated at £115 million, but Collins still talks like the London geezer he was when he joined Genesis aged 19 – a time-served muso livewire in a band full of cloistered public schoolboys.

And she’s certainly talented, and this piece of music, maybe I’ll hear it on the record.

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But on the other hand I’ll pay 0,000 for Jim Bowie’s sword from The Alamo!’ he hoots, referring to a passion for the famous 1836 battle at the Texas garrison that he’s nurtured since he was five.He moved there at the end of the Nineties not for money but for love, specifically to be with his new Swiss wife. He says he thoroughly enjoyed reuniting with his four former bandmates for the first time in four decades, both to choose the songs on the new compilation and to relive their high-flying Seventies.and how he got dumped by Adele Bored, bandless and missing his young children, who had moved to America with his ex-wife, the British legend who, for many, defined Eighties pop on both sides of the Atlantic, turned to the bottle for company.As honest as his hits were catchy (count ’em: that’s three UK No 1s and seven in the U.

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