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The Java plugin will compile whatever it finds, and handles anything which is missing.

You configure the project layout by configuring the appropriate source set.

You can specify that test processes should be restarted after it has executed a certain number of test classes.

This can be a useful alternative to giving your test process a very large heap.

If you don't want to use test class detection, you can disable it by setting type combines the results from multiple test tasks and needs to aggregate the results of individual test classes.

This means that if a given test class is executed by multiple test tasks, then the test report will include executions of that class, but it can be hard to distinguish individual executions of that class and their output.

To configure an existing source set, you simply use one of the above access methods to set the properties of the source set. Here is an example which configures the main Java and resources directories: When you define a new source set, the Java plugin adds some dependency configurations for the source set, as shown in Table 45.6, “Java plugin - source set dependency configurations”.

You can use these configurations to define the compile and runtime dependencies of the source set. It supports the core Javadoc options and the options of the standard doclet described in the reference documentation of the Javadoc executable.

If any of the following criteria match, the class is considered to be a JUnit test class: . Gradle also scans up the inheritance tree into jar files on the test classpath.

If no tests with this pattern can be found an exception is thrown. If tests of more than one subproject are executed, the pattern is applied to each subproject.

An exception is thrown if no tests can be found for a particular subproject.

A source set is simply a group of source files which are compiled and executed together.

These source files may include Java source files and resource files.

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