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In particular, I've seen lots of mind-blowing photography from viewing everyone's sites.(Major thanks to Matthew Oldfield for helping out with updating the site!Cole, 16, said that despite having active accounts on both apps, he’s never even bothered to post an Instagram Story. In fact, of the dozen teenagers and college students Select All spoke with, only one said she preferred Instagram Stories over Snapchat, a preference heavily influenced by the fact that Snapchat was “almost always slow” on her Android phone.(A not-uncommon complaint among Android-device owners.) For everyone else, it was Snapchat all the way. For many of these teens, Snapchat takes the number one spot simply because Snapchat invented the platform in the first place.

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When Instagram (and by extension Facebook) announced the rollout of Instagram Stories during summer 2016, the company wasn’t shy about acknowledging that its newest product was all but a carbon copy of Snapchat. filed its IPO and acknowledged — though not by name — that Facebook’s copycatting could impact its business: “Our competitors may mimic our products and therefore harm our user engagement and growth.” In an interview with the of London, model Miranda Kerr, fiancée of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, put it more bluntly this week: “I cannot STAND Facebook … The week before Snap’s IPO, Buzz Feed published a story with data indicating that engagement was spiking on Instagram Stories (and, in Asia, on Korean Snapchat-clone Snow), while growth on Snapchat had stagnated.

I also prattled on for a bit about some interesting, perhaps unique, observations I had this season with humpback whale escorts.

Finally, we spent a few minutes chatting about the open letter that I posted recently as a template for photographers to use when responding to requests for free or dirt-cheap images.

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