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Their membership represents thousands of sexologists from a wide variety of disciplines.

It is the second time that Love Matters has presented at WAS, after picking up the prestigious Award for Excellence & Innovation in Sexuality Education in Brazil in 2013.

It’s early afternoon in Singapore and, after months of planning and research, Love Matter’s Content Strategist Michelle Chakkalackal is unveiling preliminary findings regarding the effectiveness of using the language of sexual pleasure in the communication of sexual health information.

Ideas on sexual selection were first introduced in 1871, by Charles Darwin, then expanded on by Ronald Fisher in 1915.

In 1972, soon after Williams' revival of the subject, Robert L. Trivers defined parental investment as any investment made by the parent that benefits his or her current offspring at the cost of investment in future offspring.

These investments include the costs of producing gametes as well as any other care or efforts that parents provide after birth or hatching.

Direct and/or indirect benefits are driving the mating biases described in each mechanism.

It is possible that these mechanisms co-occur although the relative roles of each have not been evaluated adequately.

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