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#1 Use Muldoon’s rifle to shoot four security cameras around the raptor enclosure.

The first is located on the tower of the enclosure. The last two are located in the bottom loading dock area, where you started the prologue.

When Harding follows the trail he will uncover a bud of a plant. This should lead will give you another food item for the trike.

Feed it to him then head tot he top left of the plant area. This time it will turn into a set of platforms to jump on.

Rebuild the panel and use to open the gate to the cow.

This will cause a log to fall on the characters jeep.Once on the other side there will be a plant build that Ellie can use to create a bridge for the triceratops.Once the trike is over use it destroy the tree that is blocking the control panel.Once on top destroy the plants, this will drop another object for Harding to use his tracking ability on. Punch the tree to drop the apple and bring the apple back to the triceratops.Use his tracking ability and it will uncover another plant bulb. Once you have brought all three fruits to the Triceratops you will be able to play it as a character.

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