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"That's me and my little brother good" "I like it" I said genuinely "How long have you guys been playing guitars together?" "About two years now...he's a natural" We were facing each other as we shared the song, I could smell his breath, it was minty." I stammered "You seemed like you were out there...that's all" Jeremy chuckled as he closed his eyes and nodded his head rhythmically "here" Jeremy held up his ear bud and I scooted over to have a listen.He ran his fingers up the side of my neck and slipped the speaker into my ear holding it gently. As the car bobbed down the road his fingers slipped over my skin.It would be weird to have another kid along with us but at least it would keep my brother busy.Jeremy had kind of short dark brown hair that he kept messy as his style.There were five years between us and I guess he did not want a younger brother when I came along.I don't know way better at everything than I will ever be.


" I asked confused "No stupid" A sharp pain shot through my shoulder and my head banged into the side glass of our minivan.

He is tall and has a killer tan, brilliant blue eyes and those long eye lashes...shit!

He is well toned for a seventeen year old and carries himself with a confident swagger at 6'2" tall.

Subject: My Brothers Best Friend This story is 100% fiction and has no basis in anything true or anyone real. For some reason a Chocolate Lab walked down the row giggling. I looked the other way and Jim was whispering to Darrel and the both of them started to giggle. " I asked Tommy walked back by smiling and kind of giggling also. " I was getting agitated Tommy just pointed at my crotch as the teacher droned on. My brother had leaned over the seat in front of me and punched me in the arm.

All of the charters only live only in my head...a scary place full of fictional boys, a few of them escaped again and ended up in this short story. I liked Tommy a lot and he was one of my few friends. I looked down my body and saw my dick sticking out. "You are talking in your sleep again shit head" my brother said as he turned back to face forward "Knock it off Danny" my mother scolded him from the front seat I straightened my glasses that were knocked loose from my brother's attack and stared out of the window rubbing my sore shoulder.

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