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Visitors were immersed in a multisensory world in which they could watch videos and live performances, get lost in the maze and have food and drink in the performance bar.I chatted to John just before he was about to attend London’s Gay Pride to publicise the London show.We covered Visual Art installations and Performance, HIV, being a Gay Man, commodification of different body types, PHD research, sex, drugs, hedonism, science, queerness, maximalism, toilets, drag queens, gay bars, cruising, Grindr, neon lights and where he’d been on his holidays.We laughed we cried…..: One of your priorities for this project must be letting people know it is happening.I don’t feel like I should see the ability to get married as some kind of gift to me. Everyone’s treating my performance as an excuse to get dressed up and really go crazy. : You’ve just come back from Mykonos (a Greek Island known for being a predominately Gay friendly holiday destination, ) haven’t you?

His reaction was, “MY GOD THIS IS SO FUCKING WEIRD! ” (He happens to be HIV positive..) Yet when he was watching your crack video (Crystal Dick), he said, “John Walter is a complete fucking weirdo but I kind of get where he’s coming from. There’s something in gay culture I’m trying to deflate with my work. There are lots of gays these days who are very conservative. I think the question of how one interprets, “Gay” is related to how one interprets “Feminine.” Concepts like “Gay” and “Feminine” have become synonymous with certain tropes and assumptions. It’s no longer even political for most Gay men to be Gay.But marriage, as a concept, does not interest me at all.I don’t feel the need to get married in order to have a committed relationship.Alien Sex Club, was a major multimedia project in the form of an Art installation, by the fabulous and flamboyant British Artist John Walter.It was premiered in London to acclaimed reviews and success, and then moved to Liverpool to be part of the Homotopia Festival.

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