Podcasts not updating on ipod touch

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This guide was written using an i Phone as an example but it is mainly the same for other i Pods, although there are different plugins depending on your i Pod model.Any differences will be explained in more detail later on.This will prevent i Tunes from modifying tracks on your i Phone and corrupting Album Art.Follow these steps to disable music syncing with i Tunes so that it does not interfere with any music synchronized with Media Monkey, and also to allow you to freely update pictures and/or video files.When I plug my i Pod to my computer and ipod won't sync with itunes anymore and I can't add or delete songs anymore because it's as if my i Pod isn't being recognized by i Tunes.It still charges my i Pod but I want to add new songs in my i Pod but can't because it won't sync! It's really frustrating, especially when i Tunes is the only one that you sync files to your i Pod with. Sometimes i Tunes behaves like this, but you can try to fix it.

Depending on your i Pod model, you may or may not want to sync all of your music/podcasts/audiobooks.

While the Podcasts app will download from the App Store, opening the app quickly crashes it after a few seconds as seen in the video above.

Both versions are public releases and not beta releases of preview software and the trouble seems to have originated longer after either version of the app or operating system received an update.

tag=mncol WARNING: If using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer product with any i Tunes installer from version 10.5 upwards then you will need to install Quicktime manually (if it isn't already installed on your system), without Quicktime installed the Media Monkey i Pod/i Phone plugin will not operate correctly.

From i Tunes 10.5 onwards Apple no longer bundles Quicktime as part of the i Tunes installer (see for details).

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