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Customers are typically just asked whether they want to switch on filtering when they activate their broadband.It means take up rates are between only 5 and 10% because customers ignore the choice put in front of them or automatically click no without considering the implications.Lyssa Mc Gowan, Sky’s Brand Director for Comms Product, said: “Our experience has shown that this “Default On”, or as we call it “Auto On”, approach leads to much greater use of filtering.Last year, we adopted “Auto On” with some of our existing customers which we found delivered much higher engagement and usage of Sky Broadband Shield.This semi-voluntary approach is seen as providing a good balance between wider concerns about excessive censorship and the need to give subscribers, particularly parents, an easy ability to control the content that their children can access online.

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Sky also has a long history of filtering errors, which have disrupted some perfectly safe websites (e.g.

Today Sky has become the first to grant their wish, but they probably won’t be the last.

But Sky’s approach isn’t one of a dumb filter and you can still switch it off.

While the downtown clubs are certainly in decline, this second group has been hit even harder by changes in law, demographics, and culture that have widely put the entire industry on a downhill trajectory.

The industry group overseeing strip clubs, the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada (AEAC), evaporated within the last year amid infighting and a rapidly changing environment.

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