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What is below is my original article, the not-so-nice version that I showed to a friend who works at and was met with a, “oh my god, this is fabulous, but really mean! CZ article is all encompassing for both sexes who are ready to try the world of on-line dating.You’re single and the old outlets just aren’t cutting it anymore.Speed dating – pff – blasé; meeting in a bar- she’s out with her friends; hitting on the girl in your office kitchen- it’s going to end in silent elevator disaster.

The article was to be a first person account of my own experiences.

Not creative, that’s ok- just tell me a bit about you in a language that doesn’t dumb women down and make you sound like a pompous fool.

The Next Steps: Now that pictures have been uploaded, a profile and bemusing tagline have been written, you’ve now got to put fingers to keyboard and type it out.

The page, called 'Prague Sluts' because it refers to women in the capital of the Czech Republic of Prague, was set up three weeks ago and asks followers to send in pictures of 'easy girls' and to write short descriptions about them.

The purpose of this post is to give ten useful sites from the Czech Internet were Czech singles actually meet each other.

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