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hacker Jared James Abrahams, a global investigation has been looking into the use of personal webcams to spy on individuals.According to The Telegraph, 97 people have been arrested so far in connection to the spying software. For a live streaming view of the TDOT traffic cams please visit gov/traffic and select Knoxville from the LOCATION MENU and Traffic Cameras from the FEATURE MENU.MORE WEB CAMS ON I-40 / I-75 I-40/75 @ Cedar Bluff Rd (West of) I-40/75 @ Cedar Bluff Rd I-40/75 @ Bridgewater Rd I-40/75 @ Gallaher View Rd I-40/75 @ I-75/640 (East of) I-40/75 @ I-75/640 (West of) I-40/75 @ Lovell Rd I-40/75 @ Lovell Rd (West of)I-40/75 @ Papermill Rd I-40/75 @ Parkside Dr.Second, as noted by the Johns Hopkins’ researchers, the firmware hack they employed is indeed limited to older Mac Book computers.That said, per the Washington , the researchers noted that “similar techniques could work on more recent computers from a wide variety of vendors,” which raises a third point: According to my source, Apple is taking all of this as seriously as any company can, which I interpret to mean we may get clarification on some or all of this soon.

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They did so Captain Kirk Kobayashi Maru-style: by changing the underlying rules and reprogramming the firmware.Take 19-year-old Cassidy Wolf, crowned Miss Teen USA this August.Wolf received nude photos of herself in an anonymous email demanding further nude photos (among other things) to not release the pictures — snaps it turns out were secretly gathered using her laptop’s camera over the course of several months.Firmware is the low level instructional information situated in devices that range from digital watches to TV remotes, and include the multiple processor-related components that comprise a computer, from keyboards to mice to webcams.By attacking the device at this level, the researchers were able to convert the camera into something that looked like a USB keyboard to the operating system, which then allowed them to execute code from within the operating system.

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