Prevention of dating violence on college campuses

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Sexual assault prevention programs selected for inclusion must be: based in sound theory and research; use current and innovate strategies for violence prevention; and be available for implementation on campuses across the country."Bystander programs engage men and women not (primarily) as potential perpetrators or victims, but rather as potential bystanders to situations involving sexual or intimate partner violence.Bystander prevention programs presume that all members of the community have a role in shifting norms to prevent violence....READ MORE These curricula were designed for use by faculty and university departments and programs to incorporate multidisciplinary educational approaches for integrating crime victim issues into their curricula. READ MORE One Act is an in-person workshop for students of all genders that focuses on prevention of sexual assault through bystander intervention.One Act teaches a four-step framework for bystander intervention: observe, assess, ACT (ask for help, create a distraction, talk...Think About It combines sexual assault and substance abuse prevention in an online training program.Using interactive activities, videos, and providing data and information to the participant, it takes a non-judgmental approach and uses focus-group tested storytelling and interactions. READ MORE Think Luv is a 30-minute online prevention program with a bystander intervention focus that runs 726 different ways, differentiating to students’ demographic characteristics, including gender identity, sexual identity, race, religious background, hobbies and interests, age, and student status. Is an online prevention program developed by Catharsis Productions, the company that created Sex Signals.SCREAM (Students Challenging Realities and Educating Against Myths) Theater is an undergraduate theater group at Rutgers University which uses improvisation and skits to educate peers on sexual assault, relationship violence, dating violence, stalking, harassment, and bullying. READ MORE Sex Signals incorporates scripted dialogue, audience-driven improvised scenes, and a focused, presenter-led discussion designed to analyze and interrogate the components of a rape-supportive culture.The program also utilizes humor as a strategic teaching device, engaging audiences and framing the issue...

READ MORE "Bystander programs engage men and women not (primarily) as potential perpetrators or victims, but rather as potential bystanders to situations involving sexual or intimate partner violence.

It was first developed as a sports culture initiative in 1993 by Dr.

Jackson Katz and his colleagues at Northeastern University’s Center...

Topics often include rates of assault and reporting, definitions of consent, and clarifying common circumstances of assault." (Gibbons & Evans, 2013)He Said – She Said is an interactive, gender-inclusive program on sexual assault.

The performance that features survivors telling their stories alongside their perpetrators and then asks the audience to act a jury. READ MORE The inter ACT sexual assault prevention program is an interactive, skill-building performance based on the pedagogy of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed.

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