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What happens when my child goes to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)?

Severe mental illness is rare in children and young people but mental health problems are common and have a significant effect on them as individuals, their potential and their families.

None of the homes with cameras appeared to be particularly lavish, which suggests the cameras were not as much for protecting valuable property as they were to monitor residents or employees.

Apart from the nudity, the camera that garnered the most 4chan rage showed an empty living room that featured a large Christmas tree: users decried how lazy this family must be to still have the tree up a month after the holiday.Or perhaps you and your child are on the CAMHS waiting list, or have an appointment soon.So you know what to expect, we have put together information about CAMHS especially for parents and carers.Console Cowboys posted its instructions on accessing the cameras on January 10, and over the next two days a list of links to over 1,000 camera feeds appeared on Pastebin, a free text storage site popular among programmers and 4channers for storing and sharing snippets of code, Occupy movement screeds, the anti-Scientology manifestos of Anonymous, and the assorted Dane Cook joke.In an email, Someluser said that he was not responsible for creating the long list of links or posting them to other sites.

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