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Not many consumer routers will prevent ARP cache poisoning and the like, you can already do just about anything without router password.

If the web page for a negative result showed 3 images (of specific sizes) and a 10 MB PDF file on safe sex, while the page for positive results had 15 images and three PDF files that were 8MB, 15MB, and 25 MB respectively you may be able to figure out what their results were by observing how much data was sent and when.

If someone knows my wifi password (be it WEP or WPA) what can they see? And could either sniff traffic or directly connect to any computer on your network allowing them to do anything they wanted.

Do they just see URLs I visit, or can they see everything in my browser, or even everything I do on my computer? Secondly, If the attacker does Please provide more detail on your configuration, such as what operating system you're using, if you're sharing any local resources (files and directories, web cameras,...) through your private network, if you have some remote controlled desktop applications installed and enabled, do you use software firewall or use torrent clients and which, what anti-virus/anti-spyware software do you have installed, and similar information that might help the community in answering your question more completely. If someone knows my wifi password (be it WEP or WPA) what can they see on my screen?

Some possible scenarios would be : Wifi hacking is a common occurrence nowadays.

A layman can hack your wep wifi network within a short time using Back Track.

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