Psychology today dating advice

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Get a feel for what you need to help you find love and let the experts help you to get the relationship you dream of. Social psychology is the scientific study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another.

Some of the spouses simply guessed (e.g.,"Ernie would never use a credit card! Others had to write about a typical day in their partner's life, and then "put themselves in his or her shoes" before predicting (e.g., "Ernie works so hard all day at the bank, and he resents even paying five dollars for lunch; he would never use a credit card.") The result: Those who tried to imagine the other's perspective were less accurate than those who winged it—confirming Epley's real-life experience of giving his dolphin-loving wife a day of caring for the animals at the aquarium, not realizing that, since she'd just had a baby, she would not enjoy the binding, full-body wetsuit.You see, for over ten years, he and his team of coaches have been meeting and training thousands of men and women, in bars, clubs, and coffee shops around the world.View full article → Most people think that women are naturally “choosier” than men. You get a snapshot of his or her feelings and thus can be more understanding and empathetic.Not so, says University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor Nicholas Epley.

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