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It’s our zamana (age).”“The social changes reflect in our everyday language,” says Aligarh-based Urdu poet Akhlaq Mohammad Khan Shahryar, the lyricist for Muzaffar Ali’s film Umrao Jaan, who received the Jnanpith Award in September. ”This slur is like a nursery rhyme compared with the chartbuster song Bhaag DK Bose from Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly.

Earlier, Indian novelists wrote to prove that they are Indians and yet could write a book in good English.The language that we use in our daily lives is an amalgamation of every aspect of modern living.Deep historical and cultural transformations have reshaped the landscape in which it is evolving—from politicians trying to control the language that must be spoken to intellectuals attempting to adjudicate the style; teachers explaining how literature must be understood; book publishers deciding what works with the masses; writers exploring new idioms; radio jockeys magnifying the reach of local slang; and words being shaped for technology. We are shaping the language, the language is shaping us.“Language mirrors society and so there is correct language in so far as there is correct society :),” says US-based Vikram Bhaskaran, who last year co-founded Samosapedia, an online guide to South Asian lingo.The information and technology overload has greatly affected the ability to concentrate; it is harder to pick up the finer nuances of a language by listening to others speak.“The notion that we can do with fewer words is making us a little less human,” says poet Vajpeyi. Language is becoming a fast food because we are forgetting how to cook.”Some could be enjoying this food.

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