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Consequences Kinsey said consequences can be as simple as being disappointed in bed or something as serious as trauma and abuse.Hicks said in the homosexual community there is often a large gap of knowledge between novice and experienced individuals.Though some are comfortable with discussing sex, for others, it is not so easy.Kinsey recommends first to open the dialogue with topics that aren’t sex-related to establish comfort and safety.He said that in this situation, not having a conversation can be especially dangerous, because it can leave one person feeling uncomfortable.Hicks said if both partners aren’t on the same page, both partners are doing a disservice to the other.

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He said if a partner tells him he’s doing something wrong, he fixes it and is not hurt.

Hicks said it’s easier to discuss sex in the homosexual community because of its history of sexually transmitted diseases, so dialogue of safety is common and established.

Consent is best judged when a person is not in an altered state of mind, such as when they’re consuming alcohol or drugs, said Karla Austin, licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist.

The best way to avoid misjudging consent is to avoid having sex when a person is in an altered state, Austin said.

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