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We buy the dormant company and perform the liquidation.

The seller receives the consideration immediately and we take on all the responsibility for the company’s administration.

They are integral to every action and are reflected through the relationships that Pioneer form with their Team Members, Customers, Shareholders and Key Stakeholders.

In order to receive an offer for quick liquidation, please send up-to-date balance sheet and income report.

The majority of retail portfolios sold in Australia are under forward flow agreements, where a purchaser agrees to purchase and a vendor agrees to sell a proportion of its portfolio, meeting agreed characteristics for an agreed term (typically of 12-24 months).

At the time of purchase, the price paid is generally determined by a tender process in which participants perform their own due diligence and determine the price they are willing to pay.

We started this service in 1992 and have since then handled more than 20 000 liquidations.

This is how it’s done (PDF) Get a quote for quick liquidation now If the buyer does not handle these commitments it can affect the seller.

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