Raddatepicker not validating

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Rad Combo Box: This one is my favorite control, I just love bitching about this control. The code to use the Rad Combo Box in your page would look like The above Rad Combo Box is suppose to show users a list of countries. Lets say, if you wanted to do something when client side onblur event occurs for a Rad Text Box and Rad Combo Box. The above code shows how we attached an client side onblur event with Rad Text Box.Notice that, we have not attached any special behavior to it. Needless to say that, Tools like selenium rely heavily on use of traditional Java Script, because of this functional tests written using these tools do not work well with Telerik Control. looking at the html generated for a simple combo box, imagine what will the code look like to select a country from the drop down. Lets see how we have to attach the client side onblur event for the Rad Combo Box Did you notice the inconsistency between two Telerik controls themselves?How to i change this behavior to just leave the date field blank..example: In database === It is not always possible to change the Data Type from Date Time to Date Time? (A typical scenario is when your control is bound to a database object with a Date Time type but you are busy creating a new record in your control and so the value is still null at that point.) In such a case, it is possible to write a Value Converter as Paulo does in the following link: (See his code for the Edit Date Converter.Companies and People are moving towards 64 bit platform. Well, none of your traditional Java Script would work! lets say, you were using j Query for your Java Script manipulation (BTW, j Query is an excellent Java Script framework. Since Telerik uses 3 input tags to render one text box the above Java Script code does not set the value of the text field!If entire Telerik demo website not working on Firefox 64 bit, its a shame if not anything else. Instead, Telerik provides Java Script wrappers for their controls. I will say it again, JQuery api would not work as expected with Telerik Controls. When I change the date using the specific button the event Selected Date Changed is raised. (correct) When I change the date writing directly in textbox the event Selected Date Changed is not raised.

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In our validation rule, if we want to raise the error, it will use this code "return new Validation Result(false, Error Message);" However, since the default validation of Rad Date Picker or Rad Time Picker, it still set show the default error even the validation rule switches off the validation with this line "return new Validation Result(true, null);" Is there way I can disable the default behaviour and implement the custom behaviour I have? Jason ==== Style of my Control Template ========== Hello Martin, I am not sure I understand you well but from your description it sounds like you need to set the: Validation.

Actually I want a date time picker which date dd/mm/yyyy format date.

and for date rest like / or, will be auto formatted.means user should not be able to enter it.

Before looking at the generated HTML, do you want to take a guess at how should it look like? But, I can guarantee that, the generated html looks nothing like you would have thought Usually for us "the mortal developers", Combo Box is rendered via the "select" tag. But, Telerik had different plans for the Combo Box. that is too simple, lets make peoples lives complicated". I can only say, surely there are better ways of doing things!

Telerik uses a complex tree of "div's, ul, li, table, tr, td, a, input and an hidden input", for something that could have been easily achieved using a simple "select" tag, some Java Script and some CSS!

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