Radgrid edit not updating updating windows movie maker

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When you click the edit link on the row to update it, Page_Load fires, then Need Data Source, then the page is displayed, with the fields in the update state (inline in my case).

I then change the value, and click the Update link.

I have validation groups attached, but when I took out the validation groups, I still had the same problem with the pop-up window remaining open.

All changes were reflected in the database and no error messages are being thrown in the C# code or in the browser window (little javascript error icon in the bottom left does not appear as well as no pop-ups). I noticed that after I click the working Update button, the Need Data Source method is called for the grid.

Update Command Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = CType(e. Edit Form User Control ID), User Control) 'Locate the changed row in the Data Source Dim changed Rows As Data Row() = Me.

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Text new Values("Address") = CType(My User Control. Text new Values("First Name") = CType(My User Control. Text new Values("Last Name") = CType(My User Control. Text new Values("Hire Date") = CType(My User Control.

Text = "Unbale to locate the Employee for updating." e.

Text new Values("Title Of Courtesy") = CType(edited Item.

The only way to get the Rad Grid to update is by paging or clicking the "Refresh" button. I am binding to an IList which is populated by a business object, using Linq.

I click the add new record button, enter information, and the grid updates properly, displaying the data after the AJAX call.

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