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Kareena Kapoor revealed the details of her cousin Ranbir’s relationship with Katrina and her plans of dancing at their wedding.Later that year, Katrina also said in an interview: Ranbir and Katrina took their relationship to the next level as they reportedly moved in together in their new flat in suburban Mumbai.In one of her interviews, Katrina spoke about Ranbir and said:“Ranbir is like me, in the way that he is very loyal and emotional to the people he really cares about in his inner circle, which is very small.He can come off very detached to people outside of that.And they finally parted ways without sharing the reasons behind their breakup. So around the time the two had just broken up from their respective relationships, they worked together on the film, .If rumors are to be believed, this was the time when love started to blossom between the two.While the rumors were on rest for a moment, a picture of the two holidaying in Spain, clicked in their swimwear, took the Internet by storm.The pictures confirmed their otherwise under-the-wraps relationship, and if this was not enough, the Ranbir-Kareena episode on was the final bean spiller.

While both of them were quite open about their previous relationships, they chose to keep this one hidden from all.There are so many rumors surrounding my marriage like sometime people have quoted me that I am getting married next year.But there are no plans as such."Moreover, Katrina also stated that there were no plans of a wedding in the next year.You realize it now when you grow up, and you value it more.Why be in a relationship, why be committed to someone when you cannot be committed.”Soon after Ranbir’s break up with Deepika, the rumors of Salman and Katrina breaking up with each other also started doing the rounds.

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