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If they do something you dislike, you should tolerate it for the session, and make a note not to do it again.It’s your fault for asking, reap what you sow unless you can ask in a nice manner if they maybe possibly wouldn’t mind kind of not doing something maybe?

Some people like one more than the other and having to do/deal with the other ruins the fun for them.

It’s a bad idea in general to not work out things like this before a roleplay, or without checking with people to see how they feel about it.

Everyone should be on the same page before you start, or you’ll have to backpedal and come up with a reason why it wouldn’t be true anymore. If someone has stated in OOC or otherwise that they aren’t comfortable roleplaying with someone who, for instance, uses stars for actions instead of novel style, or first person roleplaying styles then DON’T try to sneak it past them.

You are how you appear in your writing; people look for roleplayers who can spell well, and write sentences that make sense to a reader.

You don’t have to be the best at either, but if your post looks like someone a teenager would text her boyfriend in class you aren’t playing up to snuff for a lot of people.

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