Real stories of dating abuse

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They describe their experiences and insights so that teens and parents can recognize and prevent dating abuse in their own lives or in the lives of their friends. It received honors in both the behavioral diseases category and received the prestigious Helen Hayes Award of Distinction, recognizing the finest educational entry of 2006.

The FREDDIEs, also known as the International Health and Medical Media Awards, bring together the fields of medical science, education, and the arts for an international competition devoted to educational health and medical productions.

There are stories from women with disabilities and from young people under 25.

This 30-minute video contains true stories of teens, parents, and professionals who have been in or witnessed abusive relationships.

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We never discussed it beyond the general basics most children learn, no one is allowed to physically harm you, make sure you tell us if you are being bullied, and never bully or physically hurt anyone else.

If I wore something or did anything he did not like I was verbally abused, screamed at, and then he began to hit, choke, slap me and he even spat in my face a few times.

It got to the point that I felt I could no longer figure out what I did to set him off, I just knew that when he reached a certain point of anger there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I wanted to support him and be there for him in any way he needed me.

I happily took on the task of making him feel loved and supported no matter what, it was me who was going to show him unconditional love.

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