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Phoenix and Angler: Republican's John Mc Cain and Dick Cheney also have code names Incoming Vice President Joe Biden, who has Irish roots, is Celtic.President Ronald Reagan, who cultivated the brush-clearing cowboy image, was Rawhide.They might sound like macho nicknames children would call each other while playing but Renegade and Renaissance are the new Secret Service code names given to President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Bush and his wife, Laura - also known as Trailblazer and Tempo.

It looks for words that are easily pronounced and easily understood in radio transmissions.

When women were barred from most jobs and wives had no legal right to own property, madams in the West owned large tracts of land and prized real estate.

Prostitutes made, by far, the highest wages of all American women.

Protection: Obama is flanked by Secret Service agents at a rally in Florida before he won the election Barack Obama's daughters Sasha (left, code-named Rosebud) and Malia (code-named Radiance) have the cars doors opened for them by a Secret Service agent as they are dropped off at school while their dad waits in the car in Chicago today Obama had a say in choosing his code name that his protectors use when they are whispering into those microphones in their sleeves.

He was given his choice of several names starting with R.

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