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You only need to look at Grindr, the wildly popular hookup app for gay men, to get an idea of what success in this market could look like. The false perception still exists that the world of online dating is the preserve of men looking for titillation and they may continue to struggle to attract their target audience.However, if apps such as Dattch and Find Hrr are able to effectively root out imposters, they have the potential to flourish.If you are looking for love, then you need to be in the mindset of someone who wants to fall in love.When you are writing a subject line, it’s much better to be polite and include their name in it. Actually taking the time to read a person’s profile can score you big points when it comes to getting a reply to a message that you send out.Exton and a number of other app developers have recently introduced many screening measures to identify and eject male users.“Some guys do go so far as to set up fake Facebook accounts, but these are quite easy to spot.

With the right communication, you can land yourself more than just a kind reply from that person of interest — you may just find love that will last you a lifetime.

Whether it's out of curioristy, boredom or sheer spite, nowhere is the problem more astute than in the lesbian online dating community, say developers, where men pose as women to get to know other female users.

Although the catfish war has been raging for years, the growth of mobile applications and social media means the battle lines are having to be redrawn.

Unfortunately, I see so many people getting it completely wrong and blowing their chances before they even get started.

So to stop you making the most common online communication mistakes, here is my dating expert advice about how you can improve your communication to find the love that you are looking for.

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