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We block many members every day for blatant solicitation on the site but there are many users who take the conversation to other applications like MSN Messenger or Skype to then solicit customers which is obviously impossible for us to moderate so we rely on user reports to help keep the site clean.There's one girl who is quite popular on the site.However, we have developed software to help identify them.Originally I was looking at some of the signals and trying to make a thumbprint of what the typical Nigerian scammers would look like.I believe there are two types of girls out there that meet that description.The bargirl who is clearly out for money prostitutes herself on the site and the girl that is looking for financial support but not directly advertising prostitution.There were also the likes of Tagged, Date In Asia, Match and others, all of which had a following. I had heard a lot about the country, you know, bars and prostitution and that kind of turned me off the idea. I came over here, had an amazing time and my ideas of Thailand were very different about what I had read or heard. I originally used a script online called Dolphin which I thought was terrible and after about 3 months I decided to make my own from scratch so it has been roughly two years.But for 5 years Thai Love Links has ruled the roost and today has a staggering 2.3 million registered users. Where Thai Love Links is the product of Cupid Media, an Australian company with more than 30 dating sites, Thai Friendly is but a one-man operation. It would be impossible to run my site on a month! One of the reasons our hosting costs are quite expensive is that we recently relocated our servers from Texas to Singapore because 80% of all our traffic is based in Asia.

I also believe that these women eventually get bored of the guy, but crucially, this often happens when their relationship has become serious i.e.

I'm fighting with TLL for the number one spot in Thailand.

I think based on Alexa stats for Thailand only, we are now the number one site here amongst users actually in Thailand.

Scams originating from female members have evolved from the typical sick buffalo stories of yesteryear.

Nowadays the stories tend to me much more heart-wrenching with family members in hospital and so forth.".

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