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Yesterday I started the upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04, but I interrupted it because it was taking too long. Is there any possibility to clean the mess it left when I interrupted it and make a clean restart of this update?

and my internet connection is data based.I cant afford to lose data unnecessarily! It is advertised as speeding up downloads by doing parallel downloads, but it also seems to be good about keeping track of what's already been downloaded, presumably because it has to track the file pieces as it downloads in parallel chunks. You can stop the downloading of packages or updating of the system, by pressing "Ctrl C" and stopping the program. The next time you try the same command, apt-get will resume downloading from the point where it stopped last time Installing/Updating is an atomic operation. If the update breaks/stops then it rollbacks to the last point before update began.

Because the headers (files that contain data of packages, and where to fetch them from) The packages however, begin downloading from the point that your connection broke off.

This means no killing of packages or anything like that.

Usual duties of a Software Analyst are checking business requirements, maintaining software systems, supporting end users, making sure business objectives are attained, and improving system performance.

I added instructions to my answer for how to delete all the download packages. But I'm afraid the GUI-Software-Updater still fails.

As for the upgrade/update, usually you want to do it the other way around: "sudo apt-get update && sudo-apt-get upgrade" (you can do it on one line--the '&&' means the second command will only run if the first succeeds). The only way I get him to do anything is via terminal, but that doesn't change my computer being stuck in some weird does start a screen session (with screen escape character ^space), but if the parent do-release-upgrade process dies, that might still kill the whole thing.

Can I do something to pause the update so that I can resume it after I connect my Internet again!

p.s - I know that I can resume downloads of apps/upgrade so, why exactly do you want to pause?

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