Round robin speed dating

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However, speed networking events can also be customized for many specialized, group networking opportunities. CONSIDER SPEED NETWORKING Inter-office speed networking is a growing trend that allows co-workers to meet each other and gain a fuller understanding of what they do in relation to others.

These in-house mixers also allow for more open communication which helps groups interact more harmoniously.

This formula works so well for a number of reasons.

The event’s structure provides a brief platform for each person to speak and then there is a clean break-away point that requires you to move on to the next match-up.

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If both say yes, allows them to correspond through the site."Physical attraction is a very poor predictor of long-term relationship satisfaction," said J.Galen Buckwalter, vice president of research and development at Pasadena-based e, which has 17 million registered users who fill out in-depth questionnaires.Other popular sites, such as, allow members to say much more about themselves and what they are seeking, including religion and annual salary.Rivals say an hour on might be more fun than watching TV reruns — but the notion that it could produce long-term partnerships is laughable.

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