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The article entitled "An Update on Updating" by Rob Macdonald (see link below) discusses the issue and explains how to solve the problem by setting the "Update Criteria" property in the ADO recordset that is performing the update. url=/library/en-us/dnvbdev00/html/vb00e1-Charles ~~~~~~~~~ Error ~~~~~~~~~~ Run-time error '-2147217864 (80040e38)': Row cannot be located for updating.

When I call the Update Batch method of an Active X Data Objects (ADO) Recordset object using the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Access, an error may occur.SELECT STUDENT_ID, (1- ABS( SIGN( ISNULL( 101 - COURSE_ID, 1)))) COURSE_101, (1- ABS( SIGN( ISNULL( 105 - COURSE_ID, 1)))) COURSE_105, (1- ABS( SIGN( ISNULL( 201 - COURSE_ID, 1)))) COURSE_201, (1- ABS( SIGN( ISNULL( 210 - COURSE_ID, 1)))) COURSE_210, (1- ABS( SIGN( ISNULL( 300 - COURSE_ID, 1)))) COURSE_300 GROUP BY STUDENT_ID ORDER BY STUDENT_ID However, quite a number of people are still using pre-11.5 implementations, including those people using the free Linux release.To implement the following condition in a select clause: declare @Integer int /* Good for positive numbers only.Some values may have been changed since it was last read." The same code was working with SQL 2000 !!! Please give us something more to work with, and I'm sure that someone will try to help... 2004-02-13 PM delphi77 hi , I use oracle database and DElphi 5. Some values may have been changed since it was last read.".

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