Rui en elvin ng dating

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This is his second Best Actor win, his first having come in 2011.Qi later said that while he felt there he had a chance of winning, he had not thought much of it.“I don’t need an award to make myself feel confident about my acting,” he said. Actor Dennis Chew, who played Rui En's brother in the hit Channel 8 series The Dream Makers, declined to comment on the incident, saying he was not there when it happened. Veteran actor Zheng Geping, who worked with Rui En on shows like Code Of Honour, Against The Tide and Joys Of Life, told the Chinese daily that he was shocked to hear the news.But, as it turned out, it wasn’t a boring show at all.The big winner of the awards was The Dream Makers 2, which swept most of the big categories. Ma, who plays a police officer's girlfriend in the third and fourth seasons of the series, told Lianhe Wanbao that Rui En smiled at her when she arrived on the set, but looked tired.

And next year, Ng - who look relieved to be included among the top 10 - will join fellow artistes Joanne Peh and Quan Yifeng on stage to receive the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award.“Thank you for accepting an imperfect Elvin Ng, so that he can walk bravely and be the unconventional person that he is," Ng said.“To those who always break into a cold sweat for me during this category, you don’t have to worry anymore ... However, the best line of the show went to host Pornsak, who didn’t get a spot on the Top 10 list. The camera panned to the actress, who raised her hands in mock defeat, which perhaps was a fitting end to this year’s edition.When you go on stage, just take your time and talk.’“She made me feel at ease and she’s actually very generous.I feel that through this all I’ve got her blessings ...It was Pang’s first nomination and win, after watching his best friend claim it for the past two years.Joining the duo were Zhang Yao Dong, Dennis Chew, Zheng Geping, Shane Pow, Lee Teng, Zhang Zhen Huan, first-time nominee Jeffrey Xu.

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