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Russian women also started to speak better English, especially the younger generation, who studied at school at times when Soviet Union was already history.PPL dating was left to guys who couldn’t figure out how to use online translators.

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If you watch a recording of any concert in Russia, you will see hundreds of mobile phones in hands of viewers, recording the happening. Skype and other face-to-face chat tools are accessible everywhere.So called “mail order brides” were known for years, but women wanting a traditional family were mostly coming from Asia and South America.Post-Soviet countries had a strong demographic, where women were in a great majority.We are so close to 2016, and trends in dating Russian women have changed again. When the iron curtain fell down, and Soviet Union opened borders, Russian women were something of a novelty for foreign men.The Soviet society had been developing for decades within closed boundaries, with certain morals and ethics ingrained in people on the basic level.

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