Ryan gosling dating perez hilton

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We have been so warmly welcomed and can't feel happier in New York!

New Yorkers are a lot more informed about everything... Follow him on Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr or even connect with Perez Hilton on Snapchat!

Ryan Gosling is a man with life perpetually wrapped around his little finger.

He has the looks, the Hollywood career, the beautiful girlfriend and family, the indie cinema kudos, the well-meaning Internet memes and yes, inevitably, he can play guitar.

On-screen, we saw him strum a little ukulele ditty in but away from those twee cinematic flashes, Gosling takes his music seriously.

Striped wedges and tousled hair completed the serene, spring-ready look. But according to Eva Mendes, there's a very good reason she hasn't been on the red carpet in months and opted to skip out on awards season as Ryan Gosling celebrated wins with star's arm was none other than his older sister, Mandi Gosling!!

And who can blame the feisty ladiez when the feud is over the sex Xxy and delicious Ryan Gosling?! Well, we might want to stay out of this one considering the competition is pretty stiff as Ryan has Eva Mendes fighting off the likes of Rachel Mc Adams!

A “Rachel's always kept in touch with Ryan, but now that she's split with Michael, she's been calling him and using him as a shoulder to cry on. While we’d love our fave movie couple to reunite, we’d hate for it to happen at the expense of Eva.

On Thursday night's show, the stars take part in the talent contest hosted by Keith Chegwin, which will see the most entertaining in the talent competition, decided by the King and Queen, become immune from the imminent public vote.

Hey girl, I bet these Gosling GIFs will make you smile. He plays the sexiest characters in movies, his face is beyond perfection (not to mention his abs) and last year he made us die a little bit inside when he saved a woman from being hit by a cab in NYC.

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