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For the latter, she was nominated for a Golden Globe, BAFTA and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress.Random facts about her: According to her IMDB, Zhang is not actually trained in martial arts, despite appearing in many martial arts films.Here are 10 worthy candidates we see as leading ladies: Where you’ve seen her: Ziyi Zhang gained international attention after starring in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, for which she won several awards, such as Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, Toronto Film Critics Association Awards and Independent Spirit Awards.She has since went on to star in films like Rush Hour 2, Dangerous Liasons and .Since it’s Thursday, let’s #TBT all the way back to 2011, when photoshops of celebrities without eyebrows were making the rounds on social media, particularly Reddit and Tumblr.The one thing I found mesmerizing about them was that on a lot of celebrities, you can barely tell that their eyebrows are missing; whereas for others, removing their eyebrows completely destroyed their beauty, turning them into what I imagine David Icke’s reptilian humanoids must look like.Why she deserves our love: She uses her fame to support good causes! A in Economics from the University of California, Riverside in 2005. Where you’ll see her next: She can be heard voicing the role of Gogo Tamago in the upcoming Disney film Samantha Lui is a writer living in Toronto.She is a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics and is a spokesperson for “Care for Children,” a foster-home program in China. When she isn't writing, shooting videos or interviewing people, she can be found alone at the movie theater.

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We’ve brought you 10 Asian actors we see as potential leading men, so it would only make sense for us to compile a list of talented Asian actresses!

In 2011 she also appeared in the role of Gia in the monster film Mega Python vs. In 2009 Cho appeared in Season 5, Episode 19 ("Communication Breakdown"), of the CBS show CSI: NY, in the supporting role of Gahee Paik, the daughter of a Korean father suspected of murder.

In 2014, Cho joined the TV series Teen Wolf as Kira, starting as a recurring character in season 3 but promoted to a main cast role in season 4.

You can follow her on Twitter (@samanthalui_) or find out more on her site

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