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Fluoridated water allows exchange in the teeth of fluoride ions for hydroxyl groups in apatite.

Similarly, toothpaste typically contains a source of fluoride anions (e.g. Too much fluoride results in dental fluorosis and/or skeletal fluorosis.

Immaginatevi una versione di Uomini e donne dove i tronisti ed i corteggiatori sono completamente nudi, fanno le esterne senza vestiti e decidono quale tra i pretendenti sia il migliore per loro dopo aver passeggiato e parlato come mamma li ha fatti.

E' l'idea di Dating Naked, il nuovo dating show in onda da giovedì prossimo su VH1, e che segue una moda che in America sta spopolando.

Ma è pur sempre uno show, fatto per divertire e per scandalizzare, più che per le scene di nudo, per il format.

Yellow stones – purplish-pink, which is stronger in long wave; blue stones – blue to light-blue in both long and short wave; green stones – greenish-yellow, which is stronger in long wave; violet stones – greenish-yellow in long wave, light-purple in short wave..

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Hydroxyapatite, also known as hydroxylapatite, is the major component of tooth enamel and bone mineral.

In the United States, apatite-derived fertilizers are used to supplement the nutrition of many agricultural crops by providing a valuable source of phosphate.

Apatites are also a proposed host material for storage of nuclear waste, along with other phosphates.

Structural and thermodynamic properties of crystal hexagonal calcium apatites, Ca10(PO4)6(X)2 (X= OH, F, Cl, Br), have been investigated using an all-atom Born-Huggins-Mayer potential by a molecular dynamics technique.

The accuracy of the model at room temperature and atmospheric pressure was checked against crystal structural data, with maximum deviations of c. High-pressure simulation runs, in the range 0.5-75 kbar, were performed in order to estimate the isothermal compressibility coefficient of those compounds.

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