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Query Frame Response success) , delegate(Fault f) ); if (fault !To set the file to save captured images to, provide a valid fully qualified filename in the Capture File element.To see a single frame, use one of the following URIs: If the Format field is set to Guid. Frame field contains raw image data, in the Pixel Format. When requesting a raw frame the Size field in the request is ignored. To set which frame capture size, specify the Width and Height fields.Otherwise the Frame field contains a binary serialization of the image using the appropriate image format. It is only possible to specify a size that the camera supports.The state of the Webcam service displays in your browser. To set which frame rate to capture at, you need to specify the Format field within the Selected element.The Webcam service supports direct access from a web browser to see the latest captured image from the currently selected camera. In the Format field, you need to specify the Max Frames Per Second value.

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This Agreement is entered into by and between Internet ("AGENCY") and "Model".

WHEREAS, AGENCY is engaged in the business of Internet Video conferencing; and WHEREAS, Model is a performer in the business of originating, producing and providing original live entertainment for transmission and broadcast over the Internet; and WHEREAS, AGENCY desire to allow Model to engage in lawful performance of the live entertainment that Model originates and produces for customers accessing the Internet site, AGENCY; and WHEREAS Model desires to utilize AGENCY, on the terms and conditions stated herein; NOW, THEREFORE, for valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and in further consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, it is hereby agreed between the parties as follows: 1.

Model hereby agrees, represents and warrants: 1.1 Model will remain solely responsible for all of the Content for distribution via the AGENCY website.

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