Sara bareilles dating javier dunn

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That's the range of emotions that I experience, and where I find catharsis is to place them somewhere, and that usually means in a song.

THR: The song “Brave” ended up being a little more timely than you might have imagined.

I wasn’t precious at all about letting the songs become as big as they wanted to be.

THR: The album explores a much wider variety of production styles than you have on previous albums.

I’m interested in reflecting all of that as an artist.

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There was maybe a little bit of irony in you doing that right before releasing the album that sounds like your most “produced” record. Then with the studio time, I had so much fun taking the restrictions off.

And it’s not really my job to filter or edit that process.

I think that’s why there’s a wide range of messaging that’s happening.

Bareilles: Honestly, this sort of eclectic, wide range of variation in production style has always been my favorite kind of album. I went through a big breakup, and separating from my band of 10 years.

But I think this is the first time I really got the chance to make that kind of record myself, where I wasn’t looking at the production style and saying “Oh, this doesn’t fit” or “There's not room enough” or “Maybe I should make this song sound more like this song, so it all makes sense to the listener.” Really, I wanted each song to breathe and get to be the kind of expression it really wanted to be… She talks about the role of dissatisfaction in an artist’s life, and how it’s actually a sort of divinely appointed message to keep moving forward into your next creation. It was really tumultuous emotionally, but I guess it was comforting when I read that quote to think of that time as something that was divinely given, that there could be some sort of method in the madness of feeling so scattered and dissatisfied.

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