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We thought, Erin Foster: As a writer, for me, when I would do stand-up stuff at UCB, the stuff that would always make people laugh were my stories that are from the ridiculousness of L. — the things you see, the way you're treated when you're not famous, the funny things that would go on in our friend groups or family life, the chaos of so many people — there's much material there.

Every writer pulls from what's around them, and when you're a writer, someone's always asking, "What's your next project?

Erin: It happened over time, organically, the sort of thing you wouldn't be able to recreate if you tried.

All of the conversations we were having with them kept coming down to: what's in your life, what can we make fun of, what can we write, look around.

Appeared in the Backstreet Boys video Shape of My Heart as well as an episode of the Showtime series Going to California.

Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Was rumored to date Leonardo Di Caprio. Former fashion model who briefly hosted the short...

We're making fun of ourselves and a culture — parts of all of us who live in L. — but we've never set out to make a show that points a finger at anyone or makes them feel bad. It wasn't that hard of a sell, and we've been developing it for a long time.

And so you're sitting on a date with someone who's name-dropping and telling you who they know and how much money they make and what their position at work is and what they drive.A.'s treacherous waters — both personally and professionally — after they find themselves in front of the reality cameras they'd once promised to avoid.As the show parodies Hollywood culture and reality television conventions, you'll peek behind celebrity's insider curtain, recognize some fun faces making cameos, and laugh. caught up with Sara and Erin to talk about So, if Instagram is any indication, you guys are a really close family.In a broad way, have I had a really bad audition in my life? But that scene [in which Sara accidentally insults a casting director and is subsequently tortured by her in an audition] was more about how people treat people one way, then realize who they are and automatically treat them another. Everyone in this town says one thing and does another, and we wanted to embody all different types of those girls — and make it funny. private preschool system — it's harder than getting into Harvard. I'm really hard on Sara, and she's really hard on me.Erin: And, like, the James Franco bit is like, we all know so many girls in L. Sara: My whole thing on the show is I'm an actor first and a mother second, because you look at so many of these actresses and it's like, All you're trying to do is get your next job; you don't even know [your] kid's name. So we did an episode with my character that makes fun of that, and the lengths people will go to get a kid into what's basically glorified daycare. We're each other's biggest critic and biggest fan at the same time.

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