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When you talk to Sarah you can't fail to notice the hint of devilish humour and intuition that is likely responsible for that intervening in the love lives of her friends.I can just imagine her thinking two friends would gel and by "complete coincidence" inviting them both over to her home at exactly the same time. So she created a website that initially launched with a grand total of eight hopefuls looking for love.

Only recently, Sarah was filming her TV show Double Your House for Half the Money when one of the homeowners mentioned that he’d been to six weddings of friends who met through her website.

“The first married couple I met made me cry, but there are so many of them now.

There is something very remarkable about that and I am very proud of it,” says Sarah who, over the years, has been sent pieces of wedding cake and photos galore along with being the toast of many a best man’s speech.

According to the company, the value of UK online dating industry is £170m - so Sarah's well-intended meddling in her friends' love lives has been both remunerative as well as responsible for a lot of happy couples (and no doubt babies) too.

Dating has changed dramatically over the last 10 years.

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