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Her debatable concept on feminism, her denial of Simone De Beauvoir’s ‘the other theory’, make her prominent feminist personality of South Asia and for which KINDLE Magazine of India has placed her among 25 exceptional mindset women of India.Sarojini Sahoo is a key figure and trendsetter of feminism in contemporary Indian literature.She is the second daughter of Ishwar Chandra Sahoo and the late Nalini Devi and is married to Jagadish Mohanty, a veteran writer of Odisha. and have been translated into English and published from India under the title The Dark Abode (2008) (ISBN 956-2-6) and published from Bangladesh in Bengali as Mithya Gerosthali ( 2007 ) (ISBN 984 404 287-9). P has translated this novel into Malayalam and has been published as "Irunda Koodaram" by Chintha Publishers, Thiruvananthapuram.Martina Fuchs for German and Dinesh Kumar Mali for Hindi.It seems ironic that feminism has been characterized as anti-male, when in fact, it seeks to liberate men from the macho stereotypic roles men often have to endure such as the need to suppress feelings, act aggressively, and be deprived of contact with children.Sahoo thinks people should emphasize their femininity rather to impose the so-called stereotyped feministic attitude of the second wave. Sarojini Sahoo’s writings deal candidly with female sexuality, the emotional lives of women, and the intricate fabric of human relationships, depicting extensively about the interior experiences of women and how their burgeoning sexuality is seen as a threat to traditional patriarchal societies; this book is rare of its kind and has covered the topics that never be discussed so far in any Indian discourse.

Sahoo, however contents that whilst the woman identity is certainly constitutionally different from that of man, men and women still share a basic human equality.Born in the small town of Dhenkanal in Odisha (India), Sahoo earned her MA and Ph D degrees in Odia Literature and a Bachelor of Law from Utkal University.She now teaches at a degree college in Belpahar, Jharsuguda, Odisha.In the West, James Joyce’s Ulysses or even Radclyffe Hall's Loneliness in the Well or Virginia Woolf’s Orlando are some examples which have to suffer a lot for describing sexuality in literature. Simone De Beauvoir, in her book The Second Sex, first elaborately described the gender role and problem away from biological differences.In Odia literature, Sarojini is considered a key figure to discuss sexuality in her fiction with a sincere effort to express her feminist ideas.

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