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It may also be useful for characterization of the nanoscale morphology of the API and excipients, particularly in nanoscale amorphous domains.SAXS is a powerful non-destructive method for accessing the distribution of nanoparticles or nanopores by size.The SAXS method is applicable to any particulates exhibiting a contrast of electron density with the surrounding media, such as biopolymers in aqueous dispersions, nanoparticles in a solid or liquid matrix, or nanopores in a solid matrix.An important area of application for this methodology is the investigation of drug delivery systems based on nanoparticles, micelles, vesicles or liposomes.Click the button below if you are over 18 and would like to turn OFF the Family Filter.

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SAXS is a powerful analytical method for determining the dimensional parameters and structure of nanoscale particulates.

The method is based on the registration of X-rays scattered by the sample at very low angles with the use of dedicated instruments.

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