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My parents are super excited and cannot wait to be called Farmor and Farfar (Danish for grandma and grandpa).Thank you again for considering us and taking the time to read our letter.Hello Blessing, Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider us as parents for your child.I have no idea how difficult this must be for you, but I want to thank you for your courage to allow us to be parents! We have always wanted to adopt a child, and we feel God has called us to this.When we were diagnosed with infertility, we knew it was a blessing from God and that He was leading us directly to the child He had planned for us all along through adoption.We knew that He was preparing us and loving birth parents for a very special child.His eyes completely light up with joy when he sees a child and children always gravitate towards him.We have two nephews and two nieces that we are very close with. I cannot wait for him to be able to share that love with our son or daughter.

U school dial 1k unata uta e subject eka hodata huruie kiyala therune u mage eka suck karanakotai. Then man mage dick eka uge ass ekata podda podda kelagagaha dala gahuva. eeta passe mallide ass eka athulema mage badu tikak giya. passe mama aith kesbeva patthata yana bus ekaka negala malli gen samu gattha. Kala and I met in high school marching band in 2005.We dated all through high school and college, and I proposed to her in 2010.Aaron is the most kind, sincere, outgoing, funny, and loving man I have ever met. I have spent my entire life dreaming of becoming a Mom and cannot wait to hold our son or daughter in my arms for the first time.I dream of the day that I can read him or her bedtime stories, take them to Sunday school at church, kiss scraped knees, wipe away tears, travel with them, bake cookies with them, snuggle with them while watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, and just pour out all this love that I have reserved in my heart for them. So, we get to visit them almost every week and celebrate all holidays and birthdays together.

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