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In amagami, each girl takes up exactly 4 episodes, and the story takes place in the same time.In Yosuga no Sora, each arc takes up either 2 or 3 episodes, and the events occur in a chronological, but alternative world, order. Both series are done in a fashion that unveil the charms of If you've seen one, you should have give the other a look. I enjoyed Amagami SS much more than Yosuga no Sora.Both series feature good and well developed characters mixed with amazing animation.Yosuga no Sora is certainly more ecchi based and is meant for mature audiences, while Amagami SS is much more lighthearted and will leave you with a wonderful warm feeling in the end.However, Yosuga has so much nudity and sexual content that it borderlines as a hentai. so basically there is one main guy who gets to try and see how things would be with each different girl, thus like a dating game.Amagami SS is more tame than Yosuga as sex is merely implied. Even though the there isn't anything incestual about Amagami SS or in anyway means provocative, it's very similar to Yosuga no Sora in a more softer/cuter sense.-Both animes are really good and I really recommend them Since Amagami follows the structure of the galge it based on, you might find it enjoyable to watch The World God Only Knows, which makes fun of a galge cliche characters.Both also focuses on particular romance story arcs, although The World God Only Knows is a linear story, while Amagami is playing out each possible story arc you can play thorough in the game.

In my opinion, it usually happens as a confirmation of their relationship and feelings for each other, which is why I approve of them.

-Both animes have the main character encountering with a lot of different girls -Both are funny and have very good romance parts -in The World Only God Knows, Keima, is known as the "The Capturing God" because he can "capture" any 2D girl in any game and receives an e-mail offering him to "capture girls" and accepts.

It turn out there are loose souls who hide in the bodies of girls and his with the help of Elsie, a Hell demon, he must capture the hearts of the girls in order to force the loose souls out so they can be sent back to Hell.

While a story arc in Amagami SS is four episodes long, the ones in Yosuga no Sora aren't as linear, some consisting of barely two eps while others take longer. Therefore, Amagami SS will air 4 episodes for each heroine while Yosuga no Sora might air shorter epsiodes for different heroines.

If you liked the idea of watching different Both anime shows use an Omibus format, or a format that allows you to see the protagonist pair up with different people.

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